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Because Indaliexp?

The production plants we work with all existing varieties produced each ingredient and for all food applications: Occurs what others can not produce.

Our goal is to satisfy our long term customers with reasonable prices and good quality products.

1). Confidence in the Supply

Production plants develop their own raw materials and have a large network of suppliers of other inputs, hence the confidence in our supply. The production plants operate at higher capacities to 10,000 MTPA. The capacity is also used to make mixtures according to application.

2). Competitive Prices

The very availability of raw and good relationships with suppliers of other raw materials relating allow maintaining competitive prices worldwide and especially improving the supply of any South American producer.

3). Product Quality

Customer satisfaction is very valued. The quality controls are rigorous and are in every step of the process to ensure just get the best product. The plants have well equipped laboratories, chemists and specialist food microbiologists who monitor closely and carefully monitor the consistency of raw materials and the finished product. Quality laboratories are certified laboratories worldwide recognition.

In addition, we follow the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices, processes and products are certified Halal, Kosher, BRC, HACCP and ISO 9001: 2008 and the products meet the specifications for quality and purity established by the FAO / WHO, US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR FDA), European Union (EEC Directives), Food Chemical Codex (FCC) among the most important.

4). Technical Support

Any technical problem will be effectively treated by a trained technician group, from product development to find solutions to problems. We guide companies in the use of ingredients and report the benefits they provide to the final product.

5). Mix according to Application Required by Companies

A professional technical group is tasked to formulate and develop the alternative to any product that the company currently using or interests you use. The mixologists the cooperation of the company will make our product is equal or more accurately even better.

6). Cost Efficiency

Efficient service from production to prompt delivery of goods. The trajectory in the world market has achieved an efficient society with those responsible for loading and shipping companies who provide the best transit time to the lowest possible rate.

Ability to ship full container loads as well as loose cargo both sea or air.

Availability to expand infrastructure capacity and production for both the raw materials to the final ingredients.